Frequently asked questions

Can I see demo of Wachete?

Can I monitor just a section of a web page?

Yes. When creating a new task, simply select the area you are interested in. You can select some text/number, a section on a page or the entire page.

Does my PC or phone has to be switched on and connected to Internet all the time to monitor pages?

No. All monitoring is running and happening on our servers which are in different locations around the world.

I would like to monitor changes in PDF, JPG, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, AVI and other media files, is it possible?

Yes. Good news, Wachete is able to extract text from PDF, XLSX, MS Word and DOCX files and monitor them for changes. Other file types we check if the size and the last modified time have changed, if yes, we notify you. Simply create a new task, and enter the URL of the file you are interested in.

Can I monitor page which requires to log in with password before?

Yes. During creating of wachet, choose Just part of page type. After loading preview enter login and password and click sign in. You will be logged in where you can choose what to monitor

Is it possible to see visual changes preview on the actuall page?

Yes. Edit your wachet and set How do you want to watch this content to HTML. Afterwards in Wachet details and history table click on small icon Show visual differences under date. Preview of differences will open.

I would like to ignore some part on the page, because it generates not relevant notifications

If your page contains part like date and time which constantly changes and you want to filter such noise, you can edit wachet and in advanced options enter Exclude Xpath
Useful xpaths
Ignore div elements with class 'date': //div[contains(@class, 'date')]
Ignore all links: //a
Ignore elements with attribute test: //*[@test]
All topics which does not contain text 'Miss': //h2[not(contains(text(), ' Miss'))]

More info about xPath can be found here

In the "My Wachets" section, why the time on the wachet is higher than 1 hour although I set it to check every hour?

In the "My Wachets" section, we are showing the last time when something has changed. The most recently changed wachets are on the top of the list. Once you get into the detail page of the wachet, you will see the time when we last checked the page and the time when it has changed.

Can I monitor dynamic pages which are generated with Javascript?

Yes, when preview of page is displayed, click on Options in left down corner. Select dynamic page preview.

Can I generate a RSS feed from a webpage?

Yes. After you created a wachet, go to the detail of the wachet. Click on the RSS icon and you will get the URL to your RSS feed for changes in values or for notifications triggered. Afterwards add this URL to your favorite RSS reader.

I am interested in a paid subscription, can I cancel any time?

Yes. You can cancel any subscription at any time.


How does the notification email look like when a web site has changed?

Red parts is representing removed text, and green is text which was added on the page.

Subject: Wachete notification

Hi there!

You wanted to be notified about changes, right? So here they areā€¦

Wachet name - News, politics


Elections of the President of the Czech Republic by the Parliament of the Czech Republic were held on FriThursday 8 February and Saturday 9 February 200812,[1] to select a successor to incumbent Vaclav Klauspresident for a five-year term beginning on 7 March 2008. The candidates standing for election were Klaus and University of Michigan Professor Jan Vejnar.[2]

Can I receive notifications to multiple emails?

Yes. In your profile add a new email address. After that, when creating/editing a wachet, open the advanced settings section and choose to which email the notificatios should be sent.

What is the "Notifications" section in the navigation bar?

There you can find all the notifications that have been triggered for your wachets. For example, when we find out that a web page has changed, we notify you via email or via push notifications in the mobile app. Don't forget to setup notifications while creating your wachet.

Can I set different conditions for being notified via email?

Wachete's most popular notification is when a web page has changed, but you can also set up a notification when page contains specific a text, or when some numeric value on page riches some threshold or starts growing. And many more.

I would like to receive SMS to my mobile when page has changed, is it possible?

Yes. Wachete integrates with Zapier. Just create a Zap where the trigger is a Wachete notification and then send it via SMS.

I would like to receive notifications about web changes to Slack chat or Discord chat

Fortunately we support this. Add this application to your Slack workspace.
Afterwards take your webhook URL from new application ( and paste it when editing wachet, in Advanced section and Notification tab, into field Webhook. That's all.

For Discord you can find manual here on how to get webhook URL. Afterwards edit your wachet like described for Slack above.

I would like to make my own expression and condition for notification

For monitoring of numeric values you can choose notification type expression. You can write simple evaluation. If it is evaluated to true we will send notification.
Example: cn > pn (You will be notified when current value is bigger than previous)

Variables: cn (current numeric value), pn (previous numeric value)
Functions: abs(), floor(), ceil()
Mathematical operators: +, -, /, *, %, ^, ()
Logical operations: <, >, <=, >=, ==, &&, ||, !=

Usefull expressions
Notify me only when the value crosses threshold 10: cn >= 10.0 and pn < 10.0
Notify me only when the value goes up by predefined step 1.5: floor(cn / 1.5) > floor(pn / 1.5)
Notify me only when the value changes by predefined step 1.5: floor(cn / 1.5) != floor(pn / 1.5)


I would like to monitor a whole website including subpages. Do I need to add all the subpages manually?

Wachete is perfect for monitoring whole website including subpages. It will follow all the links on the first page and crawl all the subpages. We will automatically start monitoring all the subpages will we find. When creating wachet select Crawling full page including subpages. Crawling is done until 3rd level of subpages. As this might find several hundreds of subpages you will probably need to get one of our paid subscriptions. You can also filter URL which you don't want to crawl in advanced section.

And what if would like to crawl a whole website including subpages but only certain part on all pages.

During creation of wachet, select Crawling full page including subpages, afterwards button Change selected content. Select the area on the root page which appears on same place also on subpages. We will extract and monitor only this part. In advanced section URL filtering check option Ignore pages which return error.


I am Web master and I would like to have on my page button to enable people to monitor changes on my page with Wachete and get email notification

Just copy bellow HTML code to your web page:

<button style="padding:14px 14px 14px 35px;cursor:pointer;border-radius:3px;border:0;background:url('') 3px 4px #1abc9c no-repeat;font:14px 'HelveticaNeue','Helvetica Neue',Helvetica;color:#FFF;font-weight:bold;" onclick="window.location.href=''+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);">Monitor this page</button>

Can I monitor some value inside of JSON returned by GET or POST, PUT, DELETE request?

Yes you can. Enter URL and in preview select part of JSON to monitor. For PUT and POST requests see below in this document how to monitor PUT/POST

Does Wachete have REST API interface?

Yes we support all operations via REST API, which are available on the web. You can add new page to monitor, list monitored pages, get values of monitored page, check notifications or webhooks/http callbacks if page has changed. Documentation can be found here

Can I monitor also response from POST/PUT requests?

Yes you can although this is little bit more advanced. When creating new wachet enter following URL and replace variables.

You didn't find the answer you were looking for?

Don't hesitate to contact us at and we will answer any of your questions.