• Track changes on any website

    Select content on any website you want to monitor and choose how often we should check for changes.

  • Setup notifications

    Setup clever notifications and get alerted over email or via our mobile app.

  • Collect data

    We will collect all the changes and display them as a chart or as a table. You can then download the data directly to your computer.

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Enter the URL of the page you want to monitor and we will take care of the rest


With Wachete you create tasks to monitor web pages, we like to call them Wachets.

Track changes and get alerted

You can track and watch any textual content on any website. If this is not enough, you can also compare whole pages and see the content that has changed. Wachete will crawl and search any web for subpages and detect change in content or media files like jpg, pdf, doc...

Wachete is able to generate RSS feed from any web page or part of page, which you can use in any RSS reader

You can always check our sample wachets to get inspired.

Clever notifications

For each wachet you can setup notificatons based on your own rules. For example you can get notified if the content has changed, is equal to a specific value or if contains a predefined value.

Each time your rules are fulfilled we will send a notification to your email or to your Wachete mobile app.

This is useful for security, audit companies and web administrators. Simply detect when something on page changed or site is unavailable

Individual solutions

We know that each of us has different needs. That’s why we built Wachete to fit to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business owner. We created special plans starting from a free subscription to a paid subscription.

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Mobile apps

No matter where you are, you can always monitor your wachets and get notified. The Wachete mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and even as Chrome extension and Firefox add-on.

We did our best to bring special features to each platform. On iOS you can access your latest wachets in the Control Center and on Android and Windows Phone you can pin them to your home screen.

How it works?

Take a look at how Wachete works in action.


Basic Premium Business Enterprise
Number of pages to track 10 50 500 3000
Maximum text size per page 300 KB 300 KB 300 KB 300 KB
Shortest time between checks 1 hour 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes
Email and push notifications
Mobile applications
History, differences and graphs
Track whole page
Watching of media and binary files
Watching of page with subpages
30 days subscription FREE $4.90 $44.90 $249.90
365 days subscription FREE $49.90 $449.90 $2499.90