Monitor web changes, job offers, prices and availability

Select content on any website you want to monitor or pick to monitor entire portal with sub-pages.

Get notified about changes

Setup clever notifications and get alerted about changes over email, Slack, Teams or mobile app.

Password protected pages

Monitor pages which require to enter login and password or submission of values.

Monitor websites for changes and we notify you when any change happens.
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Select area to monitor
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Enter email where to send notifications about changes

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Use cases

With Wachete you can easily automate repetitive tasks and save time in your daily life or in your business.

Buy at the best price

As a shopper, never miss the opportunity to buy at the lowest price.

Track competition

As a store owner, easily monitor at what price the competition is selling the same products as you do.

Defacement detection

As a web administrator, make sure that nobody replaces the content on your page without your knowledge.

Website health check

As a website owner, know when one of your web pages is not available.

Website audit changes

As a company providing law compliance audits, get notified when your customers modify the content on their website.

New job openings

As a recruiter, receive notifications when companies post new job offers.


We provide a large variety of features and are constantly adding new ones. Is there a feature you miss? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Monitor password protected pages

We monitor pages using proxy servers in different locations

Send daily or weekly summary email with changes from several pages

Monitor pages which require clicks or submit of values

Monitor specific part of the web page

Monitor whole web page including crawled sub-pages

Collect history, changes and web content up to 12 months

View numeric data in graphs

Monitor dynamic and javascript pages

Download data as excel sheet

Setup clever email and mobile notifications when content has changed

Create RSS feed from content of any page

Monitor availability of web pages.

Monitor updates of text in PDF, MS Word, DOCX, XLSX files or JSON on the web or track files size changes.

Discover integrations with other products and apps using Zapier.

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Mobile Apps

No matter where you are, you can always monitor your wachets and get notified.

Browser extensions

Easily add new pages to monitor thru the following browser extensions.


How it works?

Take a look at how Wachete works in action.